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XPS Systems average average 15% to 20% or more savings on your monthly electric bill!  XPS Systems average 15% to 20% or more savings on your monthly electric bill!  XPS Systems average 15% to 20% or more savings on your monthly electric bill!

Stop giving the electric co. so much of your hard earned cash...

The following information is how to protect yourself and others from Electro Magnetic Fields and Radiation and make some serious money at the same time.

 The real effects of Electro Magnetic Fields and Radiation are finally becoming public information, and why they CAUSE cancer and many other health problems is the fact that Electro Magnetic Fields and Radiation blocks the natural Oxalic acid produced by your body.

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 When humans and animals are exposed to electric magnetic fields stronger then those existing since creation; decomposition of Oxalic Acid begins.  The amount of decomposition is relative to the strength of the field and time of exposure. Since Oxalic Acid is the "magic bullet" that protects the body from disease, EMF(s) not only cause cancer, they can be the cause for all "major diseases" such as Arthritis (all types), Alzheimer's, MD, MS, ALS, and the like.

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For scientific information about the fact that smoking does not cause cancer and how the lack of Oxalic Acid effects you health click:

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Dr. George Carlo EMF

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All electronic items create electro-pollution, and there are many items that you will want to place an XMF Neutralizer on.  Any electronic device that you use regularly and the larger items may require two for full protection.  For list of basic suggested items click: EMF Neutralizer Applications

You can acquire information on EMFs by calling the U.S. Government Printing Office at 202-512-1800 and ask for a booklet # DOE/EE-0040, titled "Questions and Answers About EMF ".  It is an excellent book for providing information about where EMFs exist.  There is also a book covering the work place environment that is also available. 

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Quality products which reduce energy consumption and Electro Magnetic Fields and Radiation are in demand now, and will be a great way to make money for years to come.

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