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XPS Systems average average 15% to 20% or more savings on your monthly electric bill!  XPS Systems average 15% to 20% or more savings on your monthly electric bill!  XPS Systems average 15% to 20% or more savings on your monthly electric bill!


Help everyone Stop giving the electric companies so much
of their your hard earned cash..

Improve the power factor of electrical systems and reduce monthly electric bills
up to 15% - 20% or more using XPS Energy Management Systems

          EMF and Radiation products


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Stop wasting electricity!

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Everyone should have a XPS200R between their breaker box and the meter serving their home.

PLEASE NOTE: XPS Energy Management Systems are designed and engineered for the new digital meters that will soon be installed nationwide

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Review the effects of Electro Magnetic Fields EMF’s and Electro Magnetic Radiations on your health!   Review Click: Xguard

In the event AC Tech and Electricians have any questions after reviewing all the information, I will gladly put you in contact with Tech Support who can walk you through any installation problems and/or question.

Would you like to know the real facts about how Electro Magnetic Fields and Radiation affect health problems?  click: real facts

There are significant residual income potential built into the unilevel-based segment of the program with Business Volume Overrides that are paid on a monthly basis. This part of the plan can not only provide you with the income security that most folks are looking for but also furthers the spirit of teamwork and incentives an additional level of support that is needed for your long term success.  

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Quality products which reduce energy consumption and Electro Magnetic Fields and Radiation are in demand now, and will be a great way to make money for years to come.

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