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Affects of Free Radicals


Oxygen, although essential to life, is also the source of the potentially damaging free radicals.  Free radicals are found in the environment including: exposure to ionizing radiation (from industry, sun exposure, cosmic rays, and medical X-rays), nitrous oxide (primarily from automobile exhaust), heavy metals (such as mercury, cadmium, and lead), cigarette smoke (both active and passive), alcohol, unsaturated fat, and other chemicals and compounds from food, water, and air. 

Throughout normal metabo­lism, cell division, and exposure to a variety of stresses, oxygen molecules can become unstable by losing one of their electrons.  These oxygen molecules, now free radicals, try to repair themselves by latching onto and damaging healthy molecules.  During this process aging occurs, literally affecting every part of the body.  These damaged cells may cause everything from wrinkled skin to potentially serious organ damage, such as heart disease or colon cancer.  Thus, free radicals create havoc and cause a wide range of serious diseases in the body.  To combat this daily damage, we need antioxidants.  Antioxidants work in several ways: they reduce the energy of the free radical, stop the free radical from forming in the first place, or interrupt an oxidizing chain reaction to minimize the damage caused by free radicals.


Antioxidants are one of the most important natural elements for longevity in the modern world.  They act like “Pac Men” running through our bodies, gobbling up free radicals before they do irreversible damage to our cells.  Numerous studies reveal that antioxidants play a key role in fighting heart disease and cancer. Scientists are now finding that anti­oxidants, especially SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase), help protect against free radical cell damage.  These studies suggest that antioxidants help to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.  The National Cancer Institute states, “Eating five or more servings a day of fruits and vegetables high in antioxidant content may help prevent cancer.”  Even with this powerful information, fewer than 6% of Americans consume the necessary levels of anti­oxidants.

Why do you need Antioxidants to destroy Free Radicals?

Free radicals are highly reactive compounds that are created in the body during normal metabolic functions or are introduced from the environment.  Free radicals are inherently unstable, since they contain “extra” energy.  To reduce their energy load, free radicals react with certain chemicals in the body, and in the process, interfere with the cells’ ability to function normally.  In fact, free radicals are believed to play a role in more than sixty different health conditions, including the aging process, and cancer

Reducing exposure to free radicals and increasing intake of antioxidant nutrients has the potential to reduce the risk of free radical-related health problems.

The body produces several enzymes, including super oxide dismutase (SOD), which neutralizes many types of free radicals.  Supplementing your body with a natural Phyto source of SOD is very important.


Science has been aware of SOD for years but has been unable to find a form that could be assimilated by the human body.  SOD is now recognized world wide as one of the keys to anti-aging, health building, and disease resistance. It has been referred to as “medical science’s fountain of youth.”

Mangoni with Acai, Mangosteen and Goji is a natural source of Antioxidants to reduce the energy of the free radicals, stop the free radicals from forming in the first place, or interrupt an oxidizing chain reaction to minimize the damage caused by free radicals.

What makes the SOD in Mangoni so special is that it closely mimics the natural SOD created by our bodies, and is fully utilized by the body.

The SOD in Mangoni is also responsible for yet another very favorable benefit.  Due to its effectiveness at removing free radicals, it acts as a natural anti-inflamma­tory agent.  When the body is subjected to prolonged inflammation, it is prone to becoming afflicted with arthritis.  Reducing the inflammation of the joints and muscle tissue helps alleviate many of the discomforts associated with some degenerative processes. 

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Mangosteen, (Garcinia Mangostana) is it’s Latin name, is a tropical evergreen tree. It is native to Southeast Asia. Research shows the Mangosteen Fruit possesses potent Antioxidant properties that may help maintain intestinal health, strengthen the immune system, neutralize free radicals, help support cartilage and joint function, and promote a healthy respiratory system. For hundreds of years the people of Southeast Asia have used the Mangosteen to ward off and treat infections, reduce pain, and treat other ailments.

Goji Berry (Syn. Wolfberry, gouqizi). The Goji Berry is being called the World’s Most Powerful Anti-Aging Food. Goji Berries play an important role in traditional Chinese Medicine where they are believed to enhance immune system function, help eyesight, protect the liver, improve circulation and longevity. Goji Berries are nutritionally rich and contain many phyto-nutrients and bioflavonoids.

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