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Benefits of taking colostrum with Amino 1500


Colostrum, AMINO 1500 and Mangoni are natural food nutrients, and to wake up your body,
adults should take
1 cap Colostrum  with 1 tab of AMINO 1500 every morning,
and at night
before BED TIME.  + 1/2 oz
Mangoni , and 1 tab of AMINO 1500 before dinner.

People over 130 lbs may take 2 tabs of AMINO 1500 every morning with 1 cap Colostrum
2 tabs of AMINO 1500 before dinner instead of 1 tab.

Colostrum is not expensive, and 1-bottle will supply an adult for two months.  People who are under weight and/or athletic people, who want to bulk up, can take 2 caps every morning and every night. 

 Are you aware that breast fed humans are more alert, have higher IQ’s, and are healthier than those who were bottle-fed?  Are you aware that human females produce Colostrum after giving birth?

 “It’s important for new and expectant mothers to know that breast milk is the ideal food for newborns and young babies,” said Dr. William Dietz, director of CDC’S division of nutrition and physical activity.  “Also, breast-fed babies tend to gain less unnecessary weight that can contribute to overweight and obesity later,” he said.

Medical research has now shown that the most important immune and growth factors for human adults and children can be provided by bovine Colostrum. Most significantly, because Colostrum is a food rather than a drug, it is free of toxicity and can be consumed without any significant side effects. The book: Colostrum: Mother Nature’s Healthy Alternative For Every Generation!, by Dr. Lance S. Wright, introduces readers to the wonders of Colostrum, an incredible healing food which provides an amazing boost to the body’s immune system as well as aiding in the repair of damage caused by both disease and aging.

Ideally, the first meal of most infants is Colostrum, the perfect combination of all-necessary immune and growth factors. These elements are not naturally occurring in such markedly elevated concentrations in any substance other than Colostrum.  This critical pre-milk secretion jump-starts an infant’s immune system and stimulates rapid growth; all in all, it is estimated that the ingredients in Colostrum work to activate at least fifty different physical processes in the newborn, all of which are vital to health and growth. 

Those who have used Colostrum as directed above, report an overall sense of well being, enhanced sexual performance, decreased body fat, improved immune function (thus providing greater defense against cardiovascular disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV & AIDS, cancer, and other common illnesses).  Plus sharpened memory, diminished wrinkles, hair re-growth, elevated energy levels, increased muscle strength & mass, heightened stamina, mood brightening, magnified healing capacity, and increased spinal flexibility.  Medical studies show that Colostrum contains powerful growth and immune factors, which improve arthritic conditions, help fight a host of pathogens, and aid in regulating blood sugar (thereby assisting those who are diabetic or hyperglycemic).

Immune System - Colostrum - strengthens the thymus gland, which diminishes over the years.  The thymus gland is responsible for the production of T-cells, which are our immunity to illness and disease.  Colostrum improves the production of new antibodies and T-cells so we can fight off invaders of our system.  It also stimulates greater proliferation of disease fighting white blood cells as well as red blood cells.

Now that you know the general benefits of Colostrum, let’s tie Colostrum in with Human Growth Hormone, more commonly known as HGH, is the hormone responsible for helping to keep our bodies youthful.  HGH is produced by somatropes, which are the cells that make up 50% of the pituitary gland.  Once HGH is released into the bloodstream, it is rapidly converted to Insulin Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) in the liver.

HGH not only feeds the muscles, bones and tissues, but also the brain.  Aging decreases the number of HGH receptors in the brain, which compounds the deficiency and may explain why memory begins to fail.  In a recent study, 64% reported improved memory skills and 84% said they had higher energy levels when HGH production increased.  HGH also improves the production of new antibodies and T-cells so you are better able to fight off illness and disease.  Another noted benefit of increased HGH levels is improved sexual function.  76% of men and women also reported increased sexual potency and frequency.

How can you Increase Your Body’s HGH Production?

A nutritional, sensible diet along with regular aerobic exercise may help to stimulate HGH production; however, this is not enough to experience age-reversing effects.  Your body needs to be stimulated into producing HGH levels similar to those of your youth.  This may be achieved with combination of Colostrum with amino acids to help create natural HGH releasers.  Amino acids are the building blocks of all proteins that make up enzymes, hormones, muscles, bone, skin and organs in our bodies.  A number of them have been shown to induce HGH secretion; including leucine, arginine, ornithine and glutamine.  Recently glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in our bodies, was found to be a highly effective HGH releaser.

Colostrum, the pre-milk liquid produced from the mammary glands during the first 24-48 hours after birth, is an excellent source of IGF-1.  It is rich in immunoglobulins, which have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.  Colostrum helps strengthen the immune system because it contains PRP (Proline-Rich Polypeptides) antibodies and Now Colostrum has a minimum of 06% Lactoferrin with Acidophilus.  According to research conducted by the U.S. Government Center for Disease Control, PRP stimulates an under active immune system.

The combination of amino acids leucine, arginine, ornithine and glutamine with IGF-1 and PRP from Colostrum gives people a remarkable edge in aiding the revitalization of the body and support enhanced memory and cognitive skills that normally decline with age.

Whether your goal is to decrease fat, improve skin elasticity and texture, improve immune response, increase muscle, improve memory, stimulate libido or experience one of the many health benefits associated with youthful levels of HGH, Colostrum combined with AMINO 1500  and Mangoni will work together to support your goals of looking and feeling great!

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The best source of Amino Acids is AMINO 1500 and/or Energy Plus

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After reviewing the above basic information and

Affects of Free Radicals 8 essential amino acids

everyone should be ready to understand why 

AMINO 1500 Colostrum Mangoni Energy Plus

are vital sources of nutrition.

Home Legal Disclaimer Banaba Gold AMINO 1500 Colostrum
Energy Plus
Joints & Muscle Mangoni Mangosteen OILS
SAVE money order Combo Pack - Colostrum, AMINO 1500 & Mangoni™ click: Combo Pack