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Energy Plus Natural Whole Grain
Health Program
Are you ready to get serious about your Health?
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Your health is a full time job
part time affair!

Safeguard your Health and balance your body chemistry with



Energy Plus-GR will not affect the purpose of any drugs, but in the event you are taking any over the counter drugs and/or any prescribed drugs, after 1 week or 2 at the most, you should consult with your doctor about reducing the dosage and/or the fact that you may no longer need to consume any of the drugs at all.  This warning is specifically directed to any drugs prescribed for: erectile dysfunction, diabetes (blood sugar levels), high blood pressure, cholesterol, PMS and/or stress.

Energy Plus-GR is a
perfect source of 100% natural food nutrition that will benefit your body in many ways, Energy Plus-GR will be 2 times more beneficial if your body chemistry is in balance.

First review information about Energy Plus-GR and then review all the information below for information on how to balance your body chemistry.

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Please NOTE that your body has been chemically out of balance for years; Therefore, we suggest that for the first two (2) months, in addition to consuming Energy Plus-GR you also should consume additional Amino Acids, and activate your pituitary gland by combining certain Amino Acids with IGF-1 and PRP from Colostrum to mfg natural HGH.  This will help jump start your body to be in nature's perfect balance with an active immune system, and when you also neutralize the existing build up of oxidizing free radicals with Mangoni, your body will be in natures perfect balance and free of: toxic buildup, and many other health problems

For detailed information about your
how to get your body into nature's perfect balance click & review:
Vital Steps to Health

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two (2) months, Colostrum will be the only nutrition that you need to consume with Energy Plus-GR and Welch's Concord Grape Juice which is not only a perfect source of Antioxidants, but also is a natural source of oxalic acid which is very important to help keep your body free of all types of diseases.  For more information about Oxalic Acid click: Oxalic

Obtain fast and instant health results with Energy Plus-GR by reviewing: FOODS-TO-AVOID

To Review Benefits of adding Cocoa, Cinnamon and Cayenne
Energy Plus-GR click: Benefits

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After reviewing the above basic information everyone should be ready to understand why 

AMINO Complete Colostrum Mangoni Energy Plus

are vital sources of nutrition.

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